Star Wars: The Old Republic Movie [2013] Teaser Trailer HD

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Hey it's been awhile since I got a new trailer up, most of you will know me as "VicandFrank", but this is my oldddd profile I will be using for the time being to upload trailers and what not, due to the cause of having 2 strikes on VicandFrank Profile, but everytime I upload a vid here, I will upload a vid about it on VicandFrank. so stay tuned to that. ok so I am not a big star wars fan, but I really like The Knights of the old Republic games. so I decided to make a movie trailer for it, if it was a movie. Plot: hope you like it! ~VicandFrank _____________________________________________________ Star Wars Episode 3 The Knights of the old republic Lightsaber Dath Vader Maul 2013 Movie Episode 7 VII George Lucas Bioware HD