The saga ends

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The Death Star shield is destroyed, and the Rebel fleet moves onto the attack. The Emperor attempts to kill Luke utilizing his Force Lightning abilities, until Darth Vader sacrifices himself to destroy the Emperor and put an end to the Sith, as he was foretold to. The Rebel fleet then attacks the interior of the Death Star as Luke tries to take Vader back on his ship with him. There, Anakin has Luke reveal his true self to him by removing his mask. He tells Luke to pass word to Leia his sister that he was indeed right: Anakin still lived inside of the Sith Lord before he dies. The Rebel fleet destroys the Death Star core, which then leads to the battle station itself being blown into fragments. The Rebels on the moon of Endor celebrate the final defeat over the Empire. There is more to the sequence, but I have said often that I will not impersonate women roles, so we'll end it there.